S-Cube Clean Assist

Greater process stability with WAGNER S-Cube CleanAssist

The WAGNER S-Cube CleanAssist, a compact powder coating booth with an automated cleaning process, guarantees continuous high-quality cleaning & coating results for increased production rates. The booth is available as part of a complete powder coating system. A wide range of workpieces can be coated with highest efficiency – even large objects in horizontal suspension, such as aluminum profiles or metal furniture.

  • Considerable time savings as the effort for manual booth cleaning is minimized by up to 100%
  • High productivity and low powder consumption due to approximately 5-6* minutes color change time and an overspray recovery of up to 95%
  • Continuously high coating quality thanks to fast and reliable cleaning process – reduced contamination during color changes
Work piece widths
900 mm, 900 mm, 900 mm
Work piece heights
2100 mm, 2450 mm, 3000 mm
Booth size (length x width)
2400 mm x 3288 mm
Suction capacity
12,000 m³/h, 16,000 m³/h, 20,000 m³/h
Slots for automatic guns (max.)
3 per side
Number of guns
16, 21, 26
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