PROTEC 72-200

High-pressure piston pump

  • Reliable: Air motor with particularly low pulsation and excellent efficiency. The intelligent design prevents loss of power due to ice formation under a wide range of operating conditions.
  • High performance: Large fluid sections up to 240 cm³ double stroke volume ensure low piston speed and high dynamic pressure. Perfect for processing of abrasive materials such as zink-rich primers.
  • Extra large foot valve: The pump intake valve with its extra large valve ball up to 45 mm Ø allows maximum reliable suction of even high-viscose material.
  • Robust and mobile: The trolley “RackCaddy” is extremely robust and a safe all-around protection for pump and accessories – even in case of a crash. An integrated suspension makes crane transport easy. The large wheels with solid rubber tires ensure a power-saving transport to the place of use.
  • Safe working: All moving parts of the pump are secured for the protection of the user. Ideal for on- and offshore use.
Pump ratio
Operating pressure
530 bar, 7687 PSI
Volumetric flow per double stroke
240 cm/DS
Max. stroke rate
60 DS/min
Flow rate per 60 DS
12 l/min
Material inlet
F-G 1 ½”
Material outlet
M-M 24x1.5
Air inlet pressure
2.5 – 8.0 bar, 36 – 116 PSI
Compressed air connection
F-G 1"
Sound level at 6 bar air pressure
81 dB(A)
Material temperature
5 - 80 °C, 41 - 176 °F
Ambient temperature
5 – 50 °C, 41 – 122 °F
Material PH
3.5 – 9 pH
Max. material pressure at pump inlet
20 bar, 290 PSI
58,0 kg, 127.9 lb
Operating Manual