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WAGNER Research & Technology

Increasing customer demands require constantly improved technology. In close cooperation with their customers, the Wagner R&D team in Altstaetten (Switzerland) scientifically explore the highly complex field of powder coating. The results of this research are leading to new applications as well as innovative methods for increased economic efficiency and saving of raw materials. [More...] 

The Powder Cycle

The powder cycle shows the way of the powder within a regular powder system. Starting with the powder center where the powder is beeing prepared for the different kind of applications up to the control technology for optimized powder applications.[More...] 

The HiCoat concept

HiCoat means „High Quality Coating“ which describes the deep WAGNER know how in surface technology which guarantees the optimized combination of the different WAGNER components into an efficient system.  [More...] 

Powder feeding with injectors

WAGNER powder supply systems for spray guns rely on the Venturi principle. In these powder injectors, air (feed air) is blown into a collector nozzle via a so-called injector nozzle. A special geometry generates a vacuum that sucks in powder and conveys it downstream. [More...] 

MDF powder coating

Powder coating of MDF furnitures is a very specific field of application where WAGNER already has some good experiences. [More...] 


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