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High pressure diaphragm pumps

With the pneumatic Cobra 40-10 double diaphragm pump, Wagner is treading new paths in surface coating.

The pneumatically operated double diaphragm pump works with extremely low pulsation, and thanks to its diaphragm technology it needs no packings or wiper rings. The pressure and fluid section is air cooled by the exhaust air from the pneumatic motor, guaranteeing constant performance figures.

Thanks to the new unique diaphragm technology from Wagner, the COBRA 40-10 is ideal for materials sensitive to shearing and moisture. The design and the perfect suction capabilities of the COBRA 40-10 mean that it is ideally suited for the application of small quantities.

The benefits:
  • Unique build
  • High flexibility
  • Extremely reliable
  • Proven technology
  • Ideal for materials sensitive to shearing and moisture
  • Ideally suited for the application of small quantities


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