Liquid Application Applying SupraCoat AirCoat Airless Electrostatic AquaCoat Evobell Nozzles Controlling Mixing Feeding Other Powder Application Perfect surface finishing, excellent wrap around, fast return of investment

The WAGNER electrostatic guns are highly economical coating systems, offering decisive advantages in many areas of the industry.

Perfect surfaces, excellent wrap around as well as fast return on investment are some of the highlights of the new WAGNER electrostatic manual gun. With its light weight and the perfect ergonomically design; the guns are the lightest guns within their class and offer excellent handling for fast and fatigue-free working. Recipes set at the control unit can be selected directly at the gun.

 This enables the painter to spray with the best parameters in relation to different work pieces. During spraying the green LED signals that the conditions are good. In addition, if the orange LED lights are on, it means that the working conditions, e.g. grounding of parts, distance to object, paint resistance, should be checked.

Coating was never before as easy as with the new GM 5000. The integrated switch allows the operator to turn on/off the high voltage for safe flushing procedures and special application requirements.

The advantages:
  • High surface quality
  • Fast return on investment
  • Perfect ergonomic, light weight
  • Robust design
  • High safety standards
  • Settings at the fingertip


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