Liquid Application Applying SupraCoat AirCoat Airless Electrostatic AquaCoat Evobell Nozzles Controlling Mixing Feeding Other Powder Application High quality nozzles for AirCoat und Airless applications „Made in Switzerland“.

WAGNER offers a wide range of high quality nozzles for industrial applications. Manufactured on precision machinery, their manufacture is subject to strict quality control. The range runs from AirCoat nozzles for conventional and also electrostatic applications right up to airless nozzles for rough use in shipyards and heavy corrosion protection.

The benefits:
  • Reproducible result
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Working pressure up to max. 53 MPa / 530 bar / 7700 PSI
  • Available in nozzle sizes from 0.007 inch / 0.18 mm up to 0.052 inch / 1.3 mm and spraying angles of 10° up to 80° (special sizes on request)


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