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The new generation of manual AirCoat guns

Perfect handling was the objective in developing this unique gun line with two different gun sizes. The result: AirCoat guns GM 4100AC and GM 4600AC.

Both AirCoat guns were designed with the comfort of the operator in mind. Ergonomic interaction is enhanced because the gun is lighter and requires less trigger and holding force, thus reducing operator fatigue considerably.

The new Wagner air guidance system with its optimized atomization capabilities produces a premium finish in every application. The reduced atomization pressure ensures an extremely soft spray pattern.

With a forged aluminum gun body and a robust component design, the new AirCoat guns are made to last even under the roughest of production conditions.

GA 3000AC Automatic AirCoat gun

With the diaphragm drive of the GA 3000AC automatic guns, WAGNER is again setting an innovative high point in surface coating. The diaphragm needs less than 0.3 seconds to open and close, thus providing more than 200 actuations per minute. The fast actuation cycle provides decisive benefits.


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