Liquid Application Applying Controlling Mixing FlexControl Family Intellimix Family 2K 48-90/40 2K 70-250/250 Feeding Other Powder Application Wagner 2-Component application system, Mixing and spraying of 2-component paints: simple and convenient

Wagner has developed mixing and dispensing units in various power classes for the application of 2-component paints. The mixing ratio can be simply, precisely and smoothly adjusted. The integral solvent flushing system eases cleaning and prevents mixed paint residues from remaining in the system. The system is designed to be adapted to a great variety of different paint types.

The benefits:
  • Clear controls
  • Simple to operate
  • Mixing ratio smoothly adjustable
  • Automatic monitoring in case of "A" or "B" component failure.
  • Integral solvent flushing system
  • Problem-free cleaning
  • wetted parts made of non-corrosive material


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