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Quick - Clean - Easy

Save valuable working time right away with the new practical helper for piston and diaphragm pumps.

Article No.: 2306 987


Quick commissioning

No drying out and sticking of the valves: If the unit is not used for a lengthy period, the airtight conservation preserves its operating capability. It can also be put back into operation immediately after long work breaks or a change of building site.

Clean transport

The PumpRunner encloses the intake system absolutely airtight and reliably prevents the escape of paint. A spotlessly clean matter for your vehicle fleet!

Easy cleaning

It doesn’t get any easier: The PumpRunner is placed over the intake tube, filled with water and secured airtight, with the two clamping levers. In addition we recommend EasyClean, as a useful aid to cleaning and conserving.





Suitable for following units of WAGNER:

Diaphragm pumps

SuperFinish 21
SuperFinish 23
SuperFinish 27
SuperFinish 7000
Finish 270
Finish 370
Nespray Deco

Nespray 31

Piston pumps

ProSpray 24
ProSpray 26
ProSpray 30
ProSpray 34
ProSpray 3.25 HR
ProSpray 3.29
ProSpray 3.31
ProSpray 3.34




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