Bringing Excellence to Industrial Application Equipment

WAGNER is a leading global manufacturer of systems for surface finishing of liquid paints, powder coating, adhesives and sealant materials. WAGNER’s Industrial Solutions US offices are located in Elgin, IL and Louisville, CO. The Elgin facility includes a state of the art application center for product optimization and application testing.

WAGNER's US office building in Elgin
The state-of-the-art powder lab in WAGNER's US office in Elgin

Whether for the application areas Wood, Automotive, Infrastructure, ACE & Transportation or Domestic Appliances: ThWAGNER GROUP, with its WAGNERWalther Pilot, Reinhardt Technik and C.A. Technologies brands, provides perfectly aligned products and solutions for optimizing your entire coating and bonding processes. We offer a complete range of technologies to fit the materials you use – liquid and powder coatings, adhesives or other fluid media – from material transport to mixing, dosing, movement and control technology through to application. Our solutions, including tailor-made interface management, will become a valuable link within your entire production process.

Always near you - the WAGNER service networkWAGNER offers its customers global service. At our locations you will always find the right person to answer all your technical questions. We recommend regularly undertaking preventative checks and maintenance on your system. Various qualified and certified services (e.g. maintenance contracts, operational reliability checks) are available for this purpose.

Liquid & powder solutions
Airspray & tanks
Adhesives & sealants
Airspray & tanks

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